Bringing Home the Medals

We are proud to announce that three WhiteWave products were chosen by Prevention Magazine in its 100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards of 2014. Silk’s Organic Unsweetened Soymilk, Horizon’s Organic Whole Milk and Earthbound Farm’s Tomatillo, Black Bean, and Baby Lettuce PowerMeal were all chosen as products that met and exceeded the criteria set by Prevention Magazine:

  • Must have no more than 10 g of added sugar
  • Must have less than 200 mg of sodium per serving (or 400 mg for meals)
  • All cans must be free of BPA
  • All fish must be sustainable, according to Monterey Bay Aquarium seafood criteria
  • All foods had to be absolutely delicious

Prevention had only compliments for Silk’s Organic Unsweetened Soymilk, it captured a spot in the beverage list:

“With no added sugar and 7 grams of protein, it’s the ultimate cereal-splasher for the dairy-free crowd. Just a cup provides 30% of your daily calcium and vitamin D, plus half of your B12 allotment. Make ours a soymilk mustache.”

Also in the beverage category, Prevention praised the natural values of Horizon Organic Whole Milk:

“For drinkers of cow milk, going organic gets you lots of benefits. Organic milk is free of hormones, and the cows from which it’s squeezed even tend to live longer than conventional cows. And it’s still the king of calcium: a cold glass of Horizon organic milk will get you 30% of that daily bone-building mineral.”

Finally, Prevention expressed its affection for Earthbound Farm’s  Tomatillo, Black Bean, and Baby Lettuce PowerMeal:

“We first fell in love with Earthbound Farm for their salad-ready organic lettuce and kale. But this year, they went the extra mile with a new ready-made salad PowerMeal. It’s the perfect complete lunch: an organic mixed greens base, plus a creamy dressing (a little goes a long way!), tortilla strips for crunch, and protein-packed beans. Guaranteed to be your new work fridge staple.”

The good news continued on Thursday morning. Siobhan O’Connor, Prevention Magazine’s executive editor, appeared on fourth hour of The Today Show, with hosts Kathie-Lee and Hoda, to detail 20 of the 100 Cleanest Packaged Foods Award winners. The segment featured Silk Organic Unsweetened Soymilk and Horizon Organic Whole Milk. O’Connor praised the quality of our Silk beverage and said, “Soy milk is often chalky and high in sugar, this is neither – this is Silk, organic, nice and smooth.”

It always feels gratifying to win awards and the praise of professionals, especially when the work it involves is quality and sourcing of our products. We would like to thank Prevention Magazine, Siobhan O’Connor, The Today Show and all of the WhiteWave consumers for recognizing the love we put into our products.

Prevention Magazine’s 100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards 2014

Today Show WhiteWave Coverage




Horizon Mac & Cheese


Earthbound Farm

We’re delighted to share the news that WhiteWave has entered into an agreement to acquire Earthbound Farm, the largest producer of organic packaged salads in North America and one of the nation’s leading organic brands.  You can learn more about this news here

Our two companies have complementary missions and values and a shared commitment to innovation, product quality, food safety, and sustainability.  Together, we will provide the two most popular gateways for consumers to enter into the organic category – produce and dairy.

Like WhiteWave, California-based Earthbound Farm is an organic pioneer and innovator.  Both companies are built around brands that offer great-tasting, responsibly-produced foods that are better for people and the planet. 

We expect this acquisition to close in the first quarter of 2014. We’re excited to bring great brands and businesses together to benefit consumers, retailers, organic producers and the planet.

HOPE for Willow Creek Farm

There is HOPE for Willow Creek Farm on state Route 244 — in the form of a national award for quality of organic milk.

The farm’s owners, Chuck and Julia Deichmann, and their family won the Horizon Organic Producer Education (HOPE) Award last month from Horizon Organic, the company to which Willow Creek has been shipping milk since 2000. The award recognizes those who advocate for organic agriculture. The award was presented during the Sept. 21 Farm Aid concert in Saratoga Springs.

Read the complete article here:

Pack a lunch your kids will love

Ever wonder how to pack a healthy lunch your kids will love? See what Sara Snow, natural living expert , has to say about healthy school lunches in this video. Horizon Organic milk – yummy!

You can also check out Horizon’s 5 Lunch Needs and 50 Ways to Please resource here.

Meet Horizon farmer, Chuck Deichmann

Meet Horizon farmer, Chuck Deichmann, in this article by Farm Aid. His farm in Belmont, NY was the first organic farm in the nation to use a robotic milking system.

GMO OMG Boulder Screening

Last night, our Silk and Horizon brands sponsored a special screening of the award-winning documentary, GMO OMG at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colo. Film makers, Joshua Kunau and Jeremy Seifert, attended the screening and participated in a post-film Q&A session with audience members. It was a packed house with nearly 400 people at the screening. 

The film explores how Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) may impact our health, our planet and our freedom to choose what’s in the food we eat. GMO OMG traces Jeremy’s journey, as a concerned father, from Haiti to Norway to Paris in search of the truth about GMOs.

WhiteWave strongly supports transparency in labeling and the right for people to know what’s in their food and we’re proud to help bring more awareness to the important issue of how our food is produced.

WhiteWave Foods is also committed to the non-GMO movement as a supporter of the national campaign, Just Label It!, which has collected more than 1.3 million signatures from concerned consumers in support of GMO labeling. Silk is a proud participant in the Non-GMO Project product verification program, which provides independent verification that products are made in a system designed to avoid GMOs. Silk’s plant-based beverages proudly carry the “Non-GMO Project Verified” Seal. All of Horizon’s products carry the USDA Organic Seal, and comply with the National Organic Program’s stringent requirements, including those regarding GMO ingredients.

More information about the film, GMO OMG is available at Please visit for more information on Silk’s efforts to support non-GMO efforts.

photo 1

Film makers Joshua Kunau and Jeremy Seifert, and Kelly Shea from WhiteWave Foods during the Q&A session.

DIY Baby Food

As part of our Values in Action program at WhiteWave, we recently hosted a do-it-yourself baby food making class at our Broomfield headquarters. Erin McLaughlin, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner with Twinkle Organic, demonstrated how easy it is to make your own baby food at home from organic fruits and veggies. Erin recommended using both a blender and a food mill as each provides different textures, which babies enjoy.

Erin showed us how to cook up some goodies for our little ones like sweet potatoes, and peas and carrots. She suggested adding tasty spices like ginger and cinnamon to baby food as the flavors open a baby’s taste buds to new flavors that have health benefits too. She also let us know of some first foods to avoid such as: berries, shellfish, honey, nuts and lightly cooked eggs.

Here’s a tip for busy moms – make big batches of baby food and freeze most of it in ice cube trays in your freezer. Once frozen, you can pop out a few cubes and let them thaw for your little one as needed or drop your child at daycare with frozen cubes in a sealed bowl and your homemade baby food will be thawed by lunchtime!

Another great tip is to check out the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 Lists before buying produce. The Dirty Dozen list highlights produce items that tend to have the highest levels of pesticide residue such as: apples, peaches and spinach, so it’s important to buy these organic whenever possible.  The Clean 15 list highlights the list of produce items with the least amount of pesticide contamination such as: sweet potatoes, avocado and sweet peas, so these items are not as high of a priority when buying organic. Click here for the full lists and remember, your mama still wants you to eat your fruits and veggies!


Fall Cooking Classes at Growing Gardens

Growing Gardens, located in Boulder, Colo., is one of WhiteWave’s valued non-profit partners and they are offering some great fall cooking classes in September. Read on, but warning – you may get hungry. All classes cost $40 and you can register here.


September 5 from 6-8pm

Growing Gardens, 1630 Hawthorn Ave. in Boulder

Chef Michael Montgomery harvests ripe, organic produce directly from the iCultiva! Youth Project’s two-acre urban farm and will create delicious seasonal foods on the spot. Learn how to make the most of a garden’s bounty. 



September 12 from 6-8pm

Growing Gardens, 1630 Hawthorn Ave. in Boulder

Lauren Richardson, Growing Gardens Greenhouse Manager, teaches this class and she’ll share all of her tips and secrets from her 10 years of canning experience. Participants will learn all there is to know to start canning at home with step-by-step instructions and demonstration. 



September 19 from 6-8pm

St. John’s Episcopal Church, 1419 Pine St. in Boulder

 Chef Michael Montgomery will be back to teach the fundamentals of fresh cheese and explore the world of fermentation with participants. Chef Montgomery will cover cultured butter, yogurt, ricotta and mozzarella. Say Cheese.

Chef Montgomery

Fair Family Farm 200 and Counting

At the Pennsylvania Farm Show last January, the Ralph Fair family received the Bicentennial Farm award, which means the farm has been in the family for more than 200 years and has family members still living on it…

The Fairs milk about 60 Holstein cows with an additional 60 calves and heifers. Milk is shipped to Horizon Organic in New York.

Read the full article about this family’s many impressive years on the farm here: