Long Live Earth Month! Growing Gardens Celebrates the Beauty of Bees

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Earth Month is coming to a close, but at WhiteWave, we look for ways to celebrate and learn about the environment every day.

Nature lovers of all ages came out to the Bee Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 26, to enjoy music, food, and fun activities inspired by the environment. Hosted by Growing Gardens, a Boulder-based non-profit that aims to enrich the lives of our communities through sustainable urban architecture, the event encouraged children to plant seeds, investigate insect habitats, explore worm composting, learn about local honeybees and create garden art…a few brave volunteers even put on the beekeeper suit and visited the garden’s demonstration hive!

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We would like to thank our valued partner for more than 10 years, Growing Gardens, for continuing to bring sustainable urban agriculture into our community in such fun and engaging ways.

We’re Changing the Course and You Can Too!

Water restoration and conservation are important initiatives for Silk and we’re excited about a new project we’re involved in. We’ve recently partnered with the National Geographic Society, Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and Participant Media as the first sponsor to support Change the Course—an ongoing effort to conserve freshwater and preserve the ecological health of the heavily dammed, diverted and overused Colorado River Basin. This campaign will empower individuals and communities to reduce their own freshwater footprint while making on-the-ground water restoration efforts.

Change the Course is challenging members of the public to learn about the vital issues of freshwater, calculate their own water footprints and take a simple pledge to conserve at changethecourse.us. For every pledge received, a Change the Course corporate sponsor, like Silk, will donate to the cause.  Each pledge will restore 1,000 gallons of water back into the Colorado River, working to make the river healthy again.

Silk is thrilled to support the Change the Course initiative, help restore the Colorado River Basin and positively impact a project in our own backyard. At Silk, we believe that we all need to do our part to use water more thoughtfully and productively to help keep our rivers and streams healthy.

Help us Change the Course and visit www.changethecourse.us to pledge to do your part and to learn more about this important waster restoration project. You can also check out this great video about the Change the Course project to learn how you can help restore the Colorado River by making simple and easy changes like taking two minutes off your shower, drinking tap water instead of bottled water and buying recycled.

I like dirt… Dirt don’t hurt

I am so excited about something I just read on treehugger that I have to tell you about it.

Here’s the jist: dirt makes us smarter. According to a study of mouse behavior at The Sage Colleges in Troy, New York, mice that were fed a soil bacterium called Mycobacterium vaccae navigated a maze faster and with less anxiety than the control group. The theory is that this natural soil bacteria not only makes animals—including humans—smarter, it also acts as an antidepressant. We probably don’t need a study to tell us spending time outdoors is good for us—our minds and our soul.

Still, I like being backed by science. So the next time I let my son pick up and eat the sandwich he just dropped on the ground, I don’t have to feel guilty. In fact, I can feel downright good about it. That dirt-speckled sandwich may help him get into college one day.

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