GMO OMG Boulder Screening

Last night, our Silk and Horizon brands sponsored a special screening of the award-winning documentary, GMO OMG at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colo. Film makers, Joshua Kunau and Jeremy Seifert, attended the screening and participated in a post-film Q&A session with audience members. It was a packed house with nearly 400 people at the screening. 

The film explores how Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) may impact our health, our planet and our freedom to choose what’s in the food we eat. GMO OMG traces Jeremy’s journey, as a concerned father, from Haiti to Norway to Paris in search of the truth about GMOs.

WhiteWave strongly supports transparency in labeling and the right for people to know what’s in their food and we’re proud to help bring more awareness to the important issue of how our food is produced.

WhiteWave Foods is also committed to the non-GMO movement as a supporter of the national campaign, Just Label It!, which has collected more than 1.3 million signatures from concerned consumers in support of GMO labeling. Silk is a proud participant in the Non-GMO Project product verification program, which provides independent verification that products are made in a system designed to avoid GMOs. Silk’s plant-based beverages proudly carry the “Non-GMO Project Verified” Seal. All of Horizon’s products carry the USDA Organic Seal, and comply with the National Organic Program’s stringent requirements, including those regarding GMO ingredients.

More information about the film, GMO OMG is available at Please visit for more information on Silk’s efforts to support non-GMO efforts.

photo 1

Film makers Joshua Kunau and Jeremy Seifert, and Kelly Shea from WhiteWave Foods during the Q&A session.

Sustainable Palm Oil



We are proud to announce that all liquid creamers containing palm oil are now sourced according to rules set by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an international multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development of palm oil.  WhiteWave Foods currently uses palm oil in a variety of liquid creamers.

WhiteWave has been a member of the RSPO since 2010 and has therefore committed to supporting sustainable palm oil through Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) purchases. To be considered certified sustainable, palm oil must meet eight principles and 39 practical criteria of sustainable production. These principles and criteria are designed to prevent undue environmental and societal harm.

We are proud to source mass balance palm oil from verified sources that ensure the rainforest and its inhabitants are protected, and that workers are treated fairly and receive fair wages. We continually evaluate how we source ingredients to ensure we are offering responsibly-sourced products that people can feel good about serving their families.


WhiteWave recently held two exclusive sneak peak screenings of the Silk and Horizon sponsored film, GMO OMG for our employees and also for leaders in the natural and organic industry. As you already know (since you’re savvy readers of The Grazing Mind) GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals. These experimental combinations of genes from different species cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding.

The film GMO OMG explores how loss of seed diversity and corresponding laboratory assisted genetic alteration of food affect young children, the health of our planet, and freedom of choice everywhere. At WhiteWave, we strongly support transparency in labeling and the right for people to know what’s in the food and beverages they eat and drink. WhiteWave is committed to the non-GMO movement and we are a supporter of the national campaign, Just Label It! and have been a longtime supporter of the Non-GMO Project. Silk’s entire line of plant-based beverages has been verified by, or is enrolled in, the Non-GMO Project. All of Horizon’s products carry the USDA Organic Seal, and have been certified organic for more than 20 years, highlighting the fact that all Horizon products are produced without the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones, and GMOs.

These screenings were a great opportunity for our employees and local leaders in the natural foods industry to learn more about this important topic and WhiteWave’s commitment to non-GMO. People didn’t seem to mind the organic popcorn that was served as well!

Please note: The opinions expressed in the film, GMO OMG are not necessarily that of WhiteWave Foods.

Is That Corn Genetically Altered? Don’t Ask the FDA

Interested in how WhiteWave Foods feels about food labeling? Read this recent article from CNBC:

WhiteWave’s Support for Mandatory National GMO Labeling

Initiatives to require labeling food made with genetically-modified ingredients are continuing to gain momentum at the Federal and state levels. New ballot initiatives in Washington State, Connecticut, Vermont and elsewhere continue to generate widespread attention.

We realize some consumers expressed concern about our former parent company’s position on these issues.

To be clear, we didn’t donate to the opposition of the I-522 or Prop 37 initiatives. At WhiteWave, we believe people have the right to know what is in their food and we agree with the underlying principles of state initiatives.

We support a national standard for labeling because we believe consumers everywhere, in all 50 states, have the same right to know what’s in their food.  A national standard for GMO labeling would provide consistency for consumers and avoid the potential for 50 different standards in 50 different states.

We remain committed to the non-GMO movement. Consumers can feel good knowing Silk’s entire line of plant-based beverages has been verified by, or is enrolled in, the Non-GMO Project. All of Horizon’s products carry the USDA Organic Seal, and have been certified organic for more than 20 years. Consumers know and trust that the certified organic label means their food is produced without the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones, and GMOs.

Rest assured WhiteWave believes in transparency, and will not support initiatives that oppose GMO labeling.


Bill Gates: Food Is Ripe for Innovation

Check out this interesting article by Bill Gates re: plant-based foods.

Bill Gates: Food Is Ripe for Innovation

“There’s quite a lot of interesting physics, chemistry and biology involved in how food tastes, how cooking changes its taste, and why we like some tastes and not others.”

Congratulations, Silk® Iced Latte!

As part of Silk’s ongoing commitment to educate consumers about what’s in their food, the entire plant-based beverage portfolio is enrolled in or verified by the Non-GMO Project. The Non-GMO Project provides independent verification that Silk’s products are made without GMOs, earning The Non-GMO Project Verified seal.


We recently launched a new, exciting product – Silk Iced Latte. At the time of launch, this product was enrolled in the Non-GMO Project program, and we are happy to report that it’s now officially verified. The Iced Latte packaging will be updated in June with the Non-GMO Project Verified logo, giving our consumers the opportunity to make informed choices about the foods and beverages they eat and drink.


Community Food Share hits fundraising goal, gains $2.5 million gift

Thanks to all who donated to Community Food Share (our local food bank) last month. Two weeks before the deadline, CFS raised the $1 million it needed to receive a $2.5 million gift from an anonymous donor!

The $1 million raised, combined with the $2.5 million donation, will allow the food bank to pay off the initial loan it took out to buy its new space in Louisville. The new space is triple the size of Community Food Share’s current space, which means CFS will be able to house more fresh produce and frozen food, and therefore help even more families in need.

WhiteWave Foods is proud to be a longtime sponsor and supporter of Community Food Share.

Almond Shake

In the spirit of Luana’s post, and knowing more about where your food comes from, two members of our Silk team were nice enough to document their recent trip to one of the groves that supplies our Silk Pure Almond, almond milk’s almonds. Check it out…

The Grove is located in California, and just like our soymilk, the almond milk is Non-GMO...

And no, they don’t pick them out of the trees, they shake ’em out…

After the shaker does its thing, the almonds sit in the sun for 2-3 days to dry out a little...

Then the harvester picks up and separates the nuts from the leaves and dirt, and off they go to our production facilities

Lauren and Brooke at the Almond Grove