A New Chapter for the WhiteWave Foods Company

Today is the start of a new chapter for the WhiteWave Foods Company. As of close of business yesterday, our spin-off from Dean Foods was complete, making WhiteWave an independent company. As such, WhiteWave is well positioned for sustained future growth thanks to our strong brands in growing categories that are aligned with favorable, long-term consumer preferences.

While we’re excited about our future as an independent company, nothing is changing when it comes to the great-tasting, nutritious and responsibly produced Horizon Organic, Silk, International Delight and Alpro products our consumers have come to know and love. Consumers will still be able to shop for all of their favorite WhiteWave products just as they’ve done in the past. 

As an independent company, we’re remaining committed to initiatives and causes our consumers, employees and partners care about, including sustainability. We strongly believe in the power of our business and brands to make meaningful change, and we’re making strong progress against our sustainability goals:

  • In the U.S., we’ve met our 2013 greenhouse gas reduction goal of 25 percent over a 2006 baseline. We’ve also exceeded our waste to landfill reduction goal of 30 percent over a 2007 baseline by 15 percent.
  • Also in the U.S., we have reduced non-ingredient water ingredient water use by 8 percent. Our goal is a 15 percent reduction by 2013 over a 2008 baseline, providing an opportunity for continued improvement.
  • In Europe, despite increases in production volumes of 17 percent since 2008, Alpro has succeeded in cutting its waste in half and further reducing its plants’ carbon emissions by 14 percent over the same time period. The goal of achieving carbon-neutral production facilities remains a key area of focus for Alpro.

We’re also remaining steadfast in our commitment to making a difference for those in need. In North America, one of our most substantial and enduring partnerships is with Community Food Share, a hunger relief organization located near our North American location in Broomfield, Colo. In Europe, one way we drive positive change is through Alpro’s partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, one of the largest and most respected international environmental organizations. In celebration of our newly independent status, additional contributions are being made to help further the causes of hunger relief and sustainable development.

As we look to the future, our focus rests squarely on uniting the spirit and principles of small food with the resources of an established food and beverage leader to change the way the world eats for the better. We know it’s a lofty goal, but it’s one we strongly believe in and are dedicated to making a reality. 

Here are a couple photos from our employee event marking the new chapter for the WhiteWave Foods Company.





We’re Changing the Course and You Can Too!

Water restoration and conservation are important initiatives for Silk and we’re excited about a new project we’re involved in. We’ve recently partnered with the National Geographic Society, Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and Participant Media as the first sponsor to support Change the Course—an ongoing effort to conserve freshwater and preserve the ecological health of the heavily dammed, diverted and overused Colorado River Basin. This campaign will empower individuals and communities to reduce their own freshwater footprint while making on-the-ground water restoration efforts.

Change the Course is challenging members of the public to learn about the vital issues of freshwater, calculate their own water footprints and take a simple pledge to conserve at changethecourse.us. For every pledge received, a Change the Course corporate sponsor, like Silk, will donate to the cause.  Each pledge will restore 1,000 gallons of water back into the Colorado River, working to make the river healthy again.

Silk is thrilled to support the Change the Course initiative, help restore the Colorado River Basin and positively impact a project in our own backyard. At Silk, we believe that we all need to do our part to use water more thoughtfully and productively to help keep our rivers and streams healthy.

Help us Change the Course and visit www.changethecourse.us to pledge to do your part and to learn more about this important waster restoration project. You can also check out this great video about the Change the Course project to learn how you can help restore the Colorado River by making simple and easy changes like taking two minutes off your shower, drinking tap water instead of bottled water and buying recycled.

Making food more awesome

Improving the food system sounds like a massive undertaking. A big challenge that needs big solutions, right? Maybe not.

Awesome Food (part of the Awesome Foundation) is looking for small ideas to help fix food, and in turn offering small “no-strings attached” grants for the good ones.