Living Our Values in the New Year


Entering a new year is a great time to pause for reflection on the past year, and look ahead toward opportunities to grow, learn and advance our mission and values in the months ahead. Our mission of “changing the way the world eats for the better,” coupled with our six core values, helps us to focus on doing work that makes a true impact in our communities and the world around us.

Looking to 2017, a time of exciting change for our company, we thought it was fitting to revisit our values. These values are simple, but deeply held, beliefs that were created by our employees. They define who we are, how we act and what is most important to us as an organization:

  • Integrity to Produce Food Responsibly: Producing food responsibly means making better choices, even when people aren’t watching.
  • Informality to Enjoy Our Work Together: No matter how much we grow or change, we must remember that this is a place where our doors are always open.
  • Share What We Do Well: WhiteWave is committed to the environment and our communities. We must find new, innovative ways to use our company’s core skills to make an even bigger difference.
  • Individuals Matter: We come to WhiteWave for the same reason – to personally make a difference in the future of this company.
  • Passion to Lead: Each and every one of us must come to work every day with the simple goal of doing better than we did the day before.
  • Courage to Learn and Grow: In a constantly changing world, we must bring a healthy ambition to our work, be nimble, adaptive, and always learning.

These values came to life in a variety of ways throughout 2016. Here are just a few examples:

Our value of “Share What We Do Well” is best exemplified in Share What We Do Well Month, a company-wide celebration of community giving. During SWWDWM each October, WhiteWave employees are given time-off to volunteer with non-profits in their communities. In 2016, 92 percent of North American WhiteWave employees participated in SWWDWM, supporting a variety of issues and causes in their communities. In total, more than 67 nonprofits in 26 locations across North America and Canada were supported by WhiteWave volunteers.

  • The growth of our Employee Resource Groups during the past 12 months speaks to our value of “Individuals Matter.” These employee-powered groups focus on a variety of topics and issues, helping us to further embrace the power of individuals to make a difference in our company.
  • This year, we also celebrated the launch of our most recent Corporate Social Responsibility report, which demonstrates the many ways we work to showcase our value of “Integrity to Produce Food Responsibly.” For example, in 2016 we fulfilled our promise to source 100 percent of the cocoa powder used to produce our North American brands. Additionally, we’ve grown in our progress towards positive environmental impacts, including seeing 78 percent of our total waste in 2015 diverted to composting, recycling or land-use applications.

These values will continue to serve as our guiding light in 2017 as we work together to make better food for a better world and a better future