World Dairy Innovation Awards

world dairy awards

We are thrilled to announce that Yulu has been listed among the “Best Yogurt” winners of the FoodBev World Dairy Innovation Awards powered by Zmags! The article applauds the Yulu Double Smooth process, explaining how it is made and claiming it is “ideal for those who enjoy traditional or Greek [yogurt] varieties, but are looking for something new.”

To read more about FoodBev and see the list other winners, click here!



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Bike to Work Day 2015

Bike to work_2Bike to Work_1Twenty-five Colorado-based WhiteWavers hit the streets today along with more than 20,000 bikers from the Boulder/Denver area Bike to Work_3for this year’s annual Bike to Work day. WhiteWave had tables at two refueling stations near our Broomfield and Louisville locations where we provided tasty snacks, including Horizon Fruit Clusters and Crunchers, Microwaveable Mac n’ Cheese, Yulu yogurt and Silk single serve items.

If you were unable to participate in this year’s Bike to Work Day but are interested in switching up your commute or even your lifestyle, the league of American Bicyclists has put together a fact sheet detailing helpful information about commuting by bicycle. This fact sheet includes information on why you should choose commuting by bike, how to go about commuting by bike, and basic gear you will need. Check it out here and congratulations to everyone who rode today!






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WhiteWavers Featured in the Denver Post

Denver Post

We are excited to share that several of our WhiteWave employees were featured in the Denver Post highlighting their tips for biking to work. Steve Otto, Mona Rosene and Luke Chavez were mentioned as having noteworthy advice for anyone looking to join the biking trend. This article is in preparation for Bike to Work Day next Wednesday, June 24.

Commuters can still register for Bike to Work Day online this week. We are particularly excited about the local organizations throughout Denver that will set up breakfast stations in the morning along with bike home stations in the evening. To learn more about Bike to Work day click here and be sure to read full article featuring our very own WhiteWavers!



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Corporate Challenge Final Results!


The final numbers from the Community Food Share Compete to Beat Corporate Challenge are in and we are excited to share that we raised $97,500 through online donations and events. This is our largest employee donation to date and we could not be more excited with the outcome. With the dollar-for-dollar corporate match for every employee dollar donated, our total contribution to Community Food Share is $197,000 or 591,000 meals! 

This year we had 27 fundraising events which alone raised $22,000. All of these activities bring such a great energy to WhiteWave and represent a true expression of our employees. While the Compete to Beat Corporate Challenge is the one event each year that WhiteWave encourages full employee participation , we make it a point to give year round to Community Food Share through employee volunteering, monetary and product donations.

We are more than thrilled with this year’s results and participation. Congrats to everyone who was involved! To learn more about how you can get involved in Community Food Share click here.

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Way To Go!

W2G 3

We are excited to announce that WhiteWave was recently one of three companies in the region to earn the Way To Go Employer Champion Award, a program developed by the Denver Regional Council of Governments. Way to Go offers real-life solutions helping commuters save money, experience less stress, and save time, so they can focus more on the things they enjoy. The programs successfully serve as a catalyst for change, encouraging people to move out of their comfort zone and try a new approach to commuting. WhiteWave was honored for our approach to commuting, and rewarding our employees through our Values in Action (VIA) program.

We recently celebrated this award with a fun-filled afternoon at the WhiteWave Broomfield office. The celebration included an interactive photo booth and complimentary afternoon treats. Several ambassadors from Way To Go were also onsite to give personalized commuting options on the spot.
W2G 1



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Silk President, Craig Shiesley, Talks Plant-Based Revolution, Future of Food at Sustainable Brands 2015 Conference in San Diego


Did you know that global meat production is five times what it was in the 1950s and studies have shown that if we continue to live, produce and eat food the way we do today, by 2050, feeding a population of nine billion would require more than 3.5 planet Earths?

Inspired by the urgent need to act now to address these challenges, Craig Shiesley, President of Silk and So Delicious brands, gathered with leaders of global brands, social entrepreneurs, academia and NGOs at the Sustainable Brands 2015 conference, to discuss a path forward for a more sustainable future.

Craig spoke to a packed house about the environmental benefits of plant-based eating and the areas where he believes Silk, and the broader food industry, has an opportunity to improve as it relates to their impact on society. He shared new data that shows plant-based beverages have a better environmental impact than their traditional dairy counterparts. In 2014, Silk commissioned a comparative cradle-to-grave Life Cycle Assessment* (LCA) to look at the environmental impacts associated with producing a half gallon of Silk (original) plant based beverages compared to dairy milk. The data collected was specific to Silk’s supply chain and operations, and the brand engaged a panel of individual third-party peer reviewers to verify the data and findings. The LCA found that plant-based beverages use 900 fewer gallons of water than dairy milk per half gallon and generate 60 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions per half gallon.

It’s because of data like this that Silk is empowered to spark a plant-based revolution to change the way the world eats for the better.

Intrigued? Click here to view a video of Craig’s speech at Sustainable Brands and hear the rest of the story.


*2014 Refresh: LCA of Original Silk® Soymilk, Silk Pure Almond® Original Almondmilk, Silk Pure Coconut® Original Coconutmilk and US Dairy Milk

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The Wall Street Journal Features Yulu!

WSJ - Yulu

We are excited to share that The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article on the growing popularity of whole-fat yogurt and mentioned our very own Yulu Australian-style yogurt.

The article explains that more consumers want food that is less processed, which in turn includes letting the fat stay put. The article quoted Rebekah Lyle, WhiteWave’s director of marketing and innovation for yogurt. In the article Rebekah notes that consumers have been dieting for a long time and now desire “real ingredients, real food and real fat.”

To read more about this new full-fat trend click here.

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