Vermont: More Than Maple Syrup

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Vermont or as its proud citizens call it, The Green Mountain State, has always been dedicated to dairy. Today, the state is quickly becoming a leader in the organic dairy industry.

While Vermont may have one of the smallest populations  in the U.S., there is nothing minuscule about its organic dairy production. Progressive Dairy spotlighted the state’s eye opening industry statistics in its INFOCUS section.

Please the link below for the eye-opening and important work Vermont is doing:

INFOCUS: Vermont

Real Simple Awards Silk

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We are proud to announce that two of our Silk varieties were named as two of the  best milk alternatives by Real Simple magazine.  We are humbled by the support of media and our fans and strive to keep them satisfied.

Our winners were Silk Soymilk Original, which was awarded as the Best Original Soy milk alternative and Silk Soymilk Vanilla,  awarded as the Best Vanilla Soy milk alternative.

Silk Soymilk Original was praised generously for its flavor and versatility:

“This rich, high protein standby, which comes slightly sweetened, pairs well with everything from coffee to oatmeal.”

Silk Soymilk Vanilla was lauded for its non-artificial flavor:

“While others can taste over-the-top syrupy or artificial, this blend has a mild sweetness and a creamy feel.”

We  thank Real Simple for their kind words about two of our most prized products. We would also like to congratulate the various other brands that made the list and encourage them to keep up the good work.

Cheers to milk alternatives!

Horizon at the Food Fete

Horizon Logo 2010

Select media members, professionals and fans were able to learn more about Horizon’s new Mac & Cheese products and try some of the creamy shells themselves at the recent Food Fete event. Food Fete is an exclusive event that introduces new food and beverages to a top media members in an intimate, cocktail party setting. We had a great time at the event and we heard nothing but praise for our new Mac & Cheese.

Food Fete 2

Our table at the Food Fete. Horizon Mac & Cheese with a variety of toppings

Best-selling author and nationally recognized health expert, Frances Largeman, made an appearance at the table to talk about our rich and delicious Mac & Cheese and answer any health questions, nutrition facts and helped make some great plates for our guests.

Food Fete 1

Frances Largeman at our Horizon table

Myra Goodman at the TEDxManhattan




Myra Goodman, the co-founder for our newest brand, Earthbound Farm, spoke at the March 1 TedXManhattan event, “Changing the Way We Eat”.  In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED founded the event in 2011, in order to bring together the brightest minds in the food industry.

Myra spoke about the benefits of larger companies moving in the direction of organic products and dispelled common misconceptions in regards to the organic industry.

Earthbound Farm has become a true leader in the organic food industry, and is the largest organic produce brand in the U.S.  Earthbound Farm has been a shining example of responsibility, sustainability and environmental practices.

To watch the Myra Goodman’s speech in its entirety, please see the link below:

Myra Goodman’s Speech TEDxManhattan


Natural Products Expo West 2014

The Natural Products Expo West 2014 kicked off last week and our WhiteWave booth was in the center of some serious action. Our booth was decorated beautifully, celebrating our Colorado roots.

photo 1

The WhiteWave booth-Natural Products Expo West 2014

The event is the leading trade show for natural, organic and healthy products in the industry. We were honored to be among the 60,000 industry professionals at the show and spoke with a countless number of our peers and fans. We can’t wait until next year!

photo 22

View from the WhiteWave booth-Natural Products Expo West 2014

Bringing Home the Medals

We are proud to announce that three WhiteWave products were chosen by Prevention Magazine in its 100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards of 2014. Silk’s Organic Unsweetened Soymilk, Horizon’s Organic Whole Milk and Earthbound Farm’s Tomatillo, Black Bean, and Baby Lettuce PowerMeal were all chosen as products that met and exceeded the criteria set by Prevention Magazine:

  • Must have no more than 10 g of added sugar
  • Must have less than 200 mg of sodium per serving (or 400 mg for meals)
  • All cans must be free of BPA
  • All fish must be sustainable, according to Monterey Bay Aquarium seafood criteria
  • All foods had to be absolutely delicious

Prevention had only compliments for Silk’s Organic Unsweetened Soymilk, it captured a spot in the beverage list:

“With no added sugar and 7 grams of protein, it’s the ultimate cereal-splasher for the dairy-free crowd. Just a cup provides 30% of your daily calcium and vitamin D, plus half of your B12 allotment. Make ours a soymilk mustache.”

Also in the beverage category, Prevention praised the natural values of Horizon Organic Whole Milk:

“For drinkers of cow milk, going organic gets you lots of benefits. Organic milk is free of hormones, and the cows from which it’s squeezed even tend to live longer than conventional cows. And it’s still the king of calcium: a cold glass of Horizon organic milk will get you 30% of that daily bone-building mineral.”

Finally, Prevention expressed its affection for Earthbound Farm’s  Tomatillo, Black Bean, and Baby Lettuce PowerMeal:

“We first fell in love with Earthbound Farm for their salad-ready organic lettuce and kale. But this year, they went the extra mile with a new ready-made salad PowerMeal. It’s the perfect complete lunch: an organic mixed greens base, plus a creamy dressing (a little goes a long way!), tortilla strips for crunch, and protein-packed beans. Guaranteed to be your new work fridge staple.”

The good news continued on Thursday morning. Siobhan O’Connor, Prevention Magazine’s executive editor, appeared on fourth hour of The Today Show, with hosts Kathie-Lee and Hoda, to detail 20 of the 100 Cleanest Packaged Foods Award winners. The segment featured Silk Organic Unsweetened Soymilk and Horizon Organic Whole Milk. O’Connor praised the quality of our Silk beverage and said, “Soy milk is often chalky and high in sugar, this is neither – this is Silk, organic, nice and smooth.”

It always feels gratifying to win awards and the praise of professionals, especially when the work it involves is quality and sourcing of our products. We would like to thank Prevention Magazine, Siobhan O’Connor, The Today Show and all of the WhiteWave consumers for recognizing the love we put into our products.

Prevention Magazine’s 100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards 2014

Today Show WhiteWave Coverage




Meet Billie Jo Kiel from the Horizon Team

Horizon Logo 2010

Describe your role on the Horizon Team.

I am the Producer Relations Specialist for Horizon in the Northeast. My territory includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, as well as Franklin and Clinton counties in New York. I help Horizon farmers in my area with any issues that arise. I also sign contracts with farmers wanting Horizon as their organic milk market.

What brought you to Horizon?

I started working for Horizon in August 2012. Horizon gave me the privilege to work with farmers in the dairy industry and gave me the opportunity to learn about organic dairy farming.

How did you get into dairy as a career?

I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, and I worked on my grandfather’s dairy farm when I was younger. Dairying has been in my family for several generations: we got into farming because my great grandfather went to buy his wife a cow, and ended up buying the whole farm. He didn’t have a background in farming, but luckily she did! She ran the farm initially, and it has been in the family ever since. Today, my parents milk about 100 cows, and have 300 cows total, raising the steers for beef. They also have a custom butcher shop, raise chickens for eggs and pigs for sale, and we used to have lambs when I was younger. I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Animal Science, and then worked for Lancaster DHIA, a company that offers testing and herd management services.

 What is your favorite Horizon product?

I love Horizon’s whole milk.

How have you seen organic dairy grow over the time you’ve been in the [dairy] industry?

I grew up in an area where organic was absent, and did not see anything organic in the local stores. When I was in college, the organic aspect of the dairy industry was not discussed or taught. I have since learned that several colleges have organic dairy programs. I started looking into organic to see if it was possible to farm with lower input costs, as my parents have large bills for their inputs. I researched Horizon, and really liked that we were promoting and showcasing the farmers. Since I’ve joined Horizon, I’ve attended the IOIA crops and livestock training sessions, and found those really beneficial.

 What does a typical work day look like?

There is no typical work day! My day changes every day. Some days I’m in the office answering emails and phone calls, while other days I get to be on the farms talking with our farmers.

 What do you like most about working in organic agriculture?

I love everything about the dairy industry. The dairy industry incorporates everyone, from farmers to consumers, and I strongly believe we need the dairy industry. And, I love the passion the organic dairy farmers I work with have for the industry. Organic farmers want each other to succeed and will help each other with equipment and advice as much as they can: every single organic farmer I talk to is willing to talk to other organic farmers and help each other. They believe in building their soil and helping the environment, and believe in the core values and benefits of organic. My farmers are especially proud of their farms and cows and want to “show them off”.  I find the desire to promote their farm and the dairy industry refreshing.