Proposition 37 is a current California ballot initiative that if passed would require foods that may have been produced with genetically modified ingredients to be labeled as such. Some are calling it a possible watershed moment in the fight for national labeling of GMOs. Others feel it would bring complexity, added expense and confusion for consumers.

So where does WhiteWave stand?

While we support the underlying principles of Prop. 37, we choose to throw our support behind national initiatives that will help consumers in all fifty states. Our brands are inherently part of the GMO labeling push:

  • Our Silk brand’s entire plant-based beverage portfolio is verified by the Non-GMO Project, and proudly carries the Non-GMO Verified logo.
  • Our Horizon Organic brand has been certified organic for more than 20 years. People have come to know and trust that the certified organic label means their food is produced without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, added growth hormones and GMOs.

Across our entire portfolio we believe consumers have the right to make informed choices about the foods they eat, and as mentioned earlier labeling is a very big part of that. Today 85 percent of our products are non-GMO, and we are working to move additional ingredients in our portfolio to non-GMO.

Because of our recent IPO filing we are currently limited in what we can say about anything else as it relates to our company, as we are in a legally mandated quiet period.

If you have questions on this issue related to Dean Foods, please contact them directly –

WhiteWave and Growing Gardens

Over the weekend, WhiteWave and our brands were honored to receive the “Good to Grow” and “Roots and Shoots” awards from Growing Gardens, a Boulder nonprofit organization whose mission is to “enrich the lives of our community through sustainable urban agriculture.”

Since 2000, we’ve supported Growing Gardens (mostly with a lot of weeding!) because we saw the promise in their efforts to educate people about growing their own food and making good food choices.

One of our core values that helps guide everything we do is “Share What We Do Well.”  This value inspires us to find new and innovative ways to make a difference in our local communities, and we couldn’t live it without partners like Growing Gardens who provide us with opportunities give back.

Click here to learn more about how you can volunteer at or support Growing Gardens.

What’s your I.D.?

Turn on your TV and don’t fast forward through the commercials because today International Delight launched a brand new ad campaign – “What’s Your I.D?” It’s a light-hearted take on personalizing your cup of coffee with International Delight.

The campaign features a recurring character, Donna, who’s the brand’s #1 fan and wants to enlighten others about what they’re missing by drinking ordinary black coffee.  Because she loves her International Delight so much, she’s given it a nickname – I.D.  So anytime she finds herself in situations where she’s asked for identification (ID), she thinks they’re asking for International Delight, which provides her with an opportunity to share what she loves about the brand and give them some of hers to try.

Check out what the New York Times had to say about  the campaign, and then tell us, what’s your I.D.? Or better yet, log on to Facebook and tell Donna.