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Bike to Work Day 2012

Wednesday, June 27 is Bike to Work Day, and our partners over at Boulder B-Cycle and The Denver Post have some pretty sweet tips and tricks for the day. Click here to check it out…

Happy first day of summer

To celebrate the solstice, why not check out some of the fun our brands are having on Facebook. And while you’re there, maybe give ’em a like, too.

Horizon Organic – Summertime! Dive in to something fun today!

Cannonball! Make a splash today for the summer solstice – more daylight today than any other. Woohoo!

Welcome to the organization…

Starting a new job is always exciting. It’s a fresh start with new people, new experiences and of course, new employee orientation. The orientation process has actually come a long way, and a lot of companies do some really cool things to keep the on-boarding fun and engaging. Here at WhiteWave, we’ve incorporated a volunteer event to go along with the on-boarding process as a way to show our new folks how important community is to the organization. It’s also a great opportunity to expose new people to our Values, most notably the one that states, “Share What We Do Well”. Just last week a crew of new employees got to spend half of their orientation day at Community Food Share. Check out some of the highlights below:

Evolving the idea of corporate citizenship

For decades companies have been rewarding employees for meeting or exceeding their standard day-to-day work objectives (like getting to work on time, meeting quarterly numbers and objectives, etc.). But what about the stuff that goes on outside the normal day-to-day work flow? The things that aren’t commonly tied to business objectives (like volunteering, finding more sustainable business processes, or even recommending new products)? Plenty of companies are really good at doing these extra things, but the activities aren’t necessarily tied to overall business goals.

At WhiteWave, we’re trying to change that by reframing how we measure success when it’s time to reward employees at the end of the year. It’s definitely an evolving process that’ll take time to perfect, but by integrating social responsibility and traditional business objectives into the same bucket, we’re focused on working to make corporate citizenship just as important as our business results.

And according to this recent article from Fast Company, we’re part of a growing number of companies that are integrating this kind citizenship into their business, and helping redefine what “success” looks like at the end of the year…

After the milk leaves the farm…

Mt. Crawford, Virginia plant manager Drew Maltese, operations manager Andy Morris, and production planner manager Randy Thomas.

One of the questions we often get about our Horizon Organic brand, is where the milk goes and what happens to it after we pick it up from one of our family farms. All of our organic milk goes to a network of processing plants around the country, where it’s made into the delicious Horizon products you see in your local grocery store. We wanted to share more about that process and one of our production facilities with you through a Q&A we conducted with our Mt. Crawford, Virginia plant manager Drew Maltese, operations manager Andy Morris, and production planner manager Randy Thomas. 

Describe what happens when you receive a tanker of raw milk and cream.

We run the milk and cream into separate organic receiving tanks and our on-site lab then runs a quality check for bacteria, temperature, fats and solids, and antibiotics. When cleared by our lab, the product is ready for batching, then is tested again for butterfat and solids.

Then the milk is pasteurized, using ultra high temperature for a short time through a process called Direct Steam Injection. It then goes into a vacuum chamber to remove the steam, through a cooler and into a surge tank. From there, it runs to the filler, which puts the product into cartons. After it’s packaged, it’s held for 30 hours to check for microbiological issues, leakage etc. and ensure it is fit to ship to our customers.

What would you want people to know about the Mount Crawford plant?

All of the hard work our famers do to ensure milk quality is not lost at the plant. We take the utmost care in handling their milk. There are quality checks at every step of the process to ensure a quality product goes out to our customers. Our employees are proud to be a part of WhiteWave and they feel very connected to all of the brands that we make.

The Mount Crawford plant has an impressive track record of sustainable practices. Can you provide a couple of highlights of your efforts?

Green Manufacturer magazine recently highlighted one of our energy-saving initiatives – we retrofitted lighting throughout the plant with LEDs. We’re currently the largest manufacturing site in North America with the most LED lighting installed. You can read the full article here:

Employee Recycling bins

We’ve also put a high focus on reducing the amount of utilities we use. The plant team regularly audits and reduces water usage. And we also do more recycling at the plant now than we’ve ever done before. In Virginia, recycling isn’t always convenient, so we put in a big recycling bin out in our employee parking lot to make it easier for employees to recycle. It gets filled up every week! We also enable our employees to grow some of their own food. Our plant sits on 100 acres, and the plant takes up 35 of those acres. This year, we’ve taken some of that land and divided it into garden plots for employees and their families to grow vegetables.

Community garden on the Mt. Crawford Plant site

Horizon Organic takes flight

I’m not one to eat on flights usually, but thanks to Frontier airlines that may be changing. The Colorado based airline has a pretty sweet in-flight catering menu that aims to highlight our proud State’s heritage by featuring local companies and products. From Evol Foods burritos to Izze sodas, the menu actually reads more like a favorite neighborhood snack spot. Our Horizon Organic brand single serve milks made the list as well, which makes us pretty proud to represent the Sunshine State. Check out this story from Sustainable Food News for more details, and next time you fly Frontier, order some milk and send us a pic. Maybe we’ll chip in to help you get your chocolate milk fix when you’re back on the ground.


Here at WhiteWave we take our business very seriously, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun at the same time. Case and point via the video below, where we’ve captured a few highlights from a recent fundraising campaign as part of our Community Food Share Corporate Challenge efforts. Two WhiteWavers running the BolderBoulder, while executing a variety of random tasks paid for by other WhiteWavers. A bit silly, but the humiliation was a small task to pay to help feed some hungry mouths. We had a blast.

National Running Day

If you’re heading out for a jog to celebrate National Running Day, don’t forget the chocolate milk. The sweet treat is also a great recovery drink, and we just so happen to have the perfect portable option for you to take along on your workout…

Colorado Green Business Awards

Recently, WhiteWave was again the title sponsor of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s (DMCC) Green Business of the Year award.  Each year, the DMCC hosts an awards luncheon aimed at recognizing metro-area small businesses and the economic vitality of the region.

At WhiteWave, we’re especially glad to have the opportunity to recognize and applaud a local small business that is committed to environmental responsibility, an issue near and dear to our hearts.

This year’s winner was EnviroTech Services, Inc..  Congratulations!