What matters?

It’s been a little more than three years since we officially launched our Mission here at WhiteWave, a mission that states – We will be the Earth’s favorite food company. And over the past few years we’ve collectively been trying to define what that kind of achievement would really mean and accomplish.

I think a lot of people get caught up thinking that achieving our mission revolves mostly around sustainability (as it relates to waste, emissions, water usage, etc.). But as the broader examples in the below video point out, the concept of “finding ways to improve quality of life” is helping us broaden the scope of what becoming the Earth’s favorite food company will really mean.

Sure, sustainable actions are going to be a big part of our work, and really, really important. But there’s a lot more that needs to go into creating a product/brand/company that people want to support. Whether that be partnering with local organizations to make packaging more easily recyclable, or offering new ways for people to enjoy a great cup of coffee, that idea is always top of mind for us.

BolderBoulder 2012

More than 100 WhiteWavers celebrated Memorial Day yesterday by once again participating in one of the world’s largest 10K races – the BolderBoulder. Check out the photo gallery below for a glimpse at some of the fun.

And special shout out to Ric Rojas and his team for once again lending their support and custom training programs for WhiteWave employees.

The Starting Line. 50,000+ lined up and ready to go

Proud Sponsor:)

Congrats to these two kids at the finish

Coming into Folsom Field for the finish

One WhiteWave crew ready to go

We once again sponsored the grab bag this year (printed with sustainable ink)


Good break room coffee is hard to find…

That’s why at WhiteWave we decided to reach out to business shoppers at 500 Sam’s Clubs around the country to help them “Build a Better Breakroom” – it’s as easy as bringing in our Land O’Lakes portion control cups, some single cup coffee brewers and coffee cups.  Voila – break room coffee just got better.

Bhakti in the house

Our good friends from Bhakti Chai stopped by with the goods today. Thanks for sharing the love, guys!

So, who is WhiteWave?

Kickball, Tricycles and Sumo Wrestling to Close…

We hosted a pretty amazing field day to close our Community Food Share Corporate Challenge yesterday. And with the help of some food trucks, kickball, oversized trikes and sumo wrestling, we really had a blast. See some quick highlights via the video below, and stay tuned for final results and full recap later next week.

On tap today…

Send a balloon message to a colleague or satisfy your sweet tooth and purchase a scrumptious slice of pie served up by the Credit team.  Or, conduct an always useful spring car cleanse by heading to the back of the building to have your car washed to spotless perfection.

It’s all for a good cause folks, and there’s only one more day of CFS fundraising madness on tap!  Check back again tomorrow for updates on the “field games” – always a fan favorite.

Click here to learn more about our Community Food Share Corporate Challenge.

Sumo Suits and Kickball

One of our local papers is getting in on the fun behind our CFS fundraising campaign this week. Check it out here…

On the second day of our big CFS fundraising bonanza….

We’ve got lots of stuff happening in the building today – Promotions is selling WhiteWave swag, Human Resources is offering “thank you balloons” for $1 each, a cupcake cart is making the rounds of each floor, our wine auction has kicked off and delicious homemade breakfast burritos sold out quickly this morning. And later this afternoon we’ll have a Tee Off to Fight Hunger putting competition.

Here’s to another day of great fundraising for an even greater cause!

Food Share fundraiser in full swing

Week two of the Community Food Share “Compete to Beat Hunger Corporate Challenge” is underway. Here are just a few of the creative ways our employees are pitching in to beat hunger. Quilt auction, bake sale, golf tournament, pie throwing contest, and chili cook-off. Stay tuned for more throughout the week…