Hunger Hits Home

1 in 5 American kids are going to bed hungry tonight.

That’s a pretty gripping stat from the Food Network’s recent documentary on childhood hunger in America – Hunger Hits Home.  The piece focuses on three families struggling to get by… struggling to feed themselves. But what’s worse, is that those three stories represent more than 16 million other kids who also come home to empty plates and empty cupboards.

Scary statistics aside, the documentary does highlight some really good progress in the fight to end childhood hunger, and does a great job of dissecting problems and offering up solutions. Simple awareness goes a long way, especially when people start to recognize how easy it can be to help out.

For us, that easy way comes from our local food bank, Community Food Share (CFS) who we work with year round (and who we’ve mentioned quite a bit before).

In fact in a little less than a month our biggest CFS initiative (Compete to Beat Hunger Challenge) is set to start up, and people around here are getting really excited about it. We’ve been part of the challenge going on eight years now, and I think most WhiteWavers will tell you it’s really the most humbling and rewarding thing we as employees do. It’s also a lot of fun.

I won’t spoil the surprise of what we’ve got in store, but stay tuned to TGM beginning May 8th when we’ll start covering the events and sharing all types of resources and ways you can join in the fun and help fight hunger in your community.

If you’ve got 30-40 minutes, check out the Hunger Hits Home documentary here. If you don’t have 30-40 minutes, check out, for a look at what people are doing across the country to help out, and how you can get involved.

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