Patio Chats at the Natural Products Expo

Later this week, tens of thousands of natural food and products fanatics will descend on the Anaheim Convention center for Expo West; the nation’s largest expo of its kind. It brings together 50,000+ attendees navigating a labyrinth of  2,000+ booths filled to the brim with snacks, samples and pitch teams ready and willing to tell you why what they’re selling is great.

It’s the kind of event that brings together the industry’s best and brightest. Which means the only thing better than the snacks and tchotchkes, is the conversation. Conversations around what’s working well in the natural industry, what needs help, who’s new and who’s doing it right. Only problem is, not everyone gets to hear those conversations… that’s where we come in.

Introducing Patio Chats. A new feature to the WhiteWave booth meant to bring more of those great conversations, to more people. We’ll be covering a number of topics relevant to our business and the industry in general, and all are welcome to attend.

Check out the invite and list of topics below, and stay tuned to The Grazing Mind for more details around what’s going down this year at Expo West…

(if you’re tweeting at Expo West, be sure to follow the #PatChats hash tag for even more conversation and sharing)

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