DHA a-ok in organic milk

A few months ago, Molly recapped a recent National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting, where it was decided that the plant-based DHA Omega-3 we use in some of our products would continue to be allowed for use in organic food production.

We’ve however seen a few questions around what the “re-approval” means, so here’s a rundown to help clear things up:

  • The NOSBs decision doesn’t introduce a new supplement to the organic food category; it simply means that we can continue using the same plant-based DHA we’ve been using since 2007… not a new ingredient.
  • The plant-based DHA we use is extracted without the use of Hexane. Again, no Hexane is used at any point during the production of the DHA we use in our products.
  • The plant-based DHA we use is not genetically modified. Totally Non-GMO.
  • The plant-based DHA we use is vegetarian. It’s safe. And millions of kids and families have enjoyed the benefits of it since we first introduced our DHA Omega-3 enhanced products in 2007.

Here are some more details on the NOSBs decision for continued use of DHA in organic products.

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