Silk Launches New Fruit & Protein and Pure Almond Unsweetened Vanilla

This month, two new products from Silk will begin showing up on your grocery store shelves — Silk Fruit & Protein and a new Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Vanilla flavor.

Silk Fruit & Protein is a really tasty beverage that blends juice with a boost of protein, in the form of soymilk. Not only does it taste great (don’t just trust us, try it yourselves!), it has more protein, calcium and vitamin D than organic juice, and it’s only 150 calories per serving. Like all Silk products, it also does not contain any dairy, lactose or cholesterol. So check it out next time you’re at the store and let us know what you think.  It comes in a quart size in three flavors – Mixed Berry, Mango Peach and Strawberry Banana.  What’s your fave?

Silk’s also launching Pure Almond Unsweetened Vanilla- a great option for anyone who wants a delicious dairy alternative beverage — without added sugar. Silk PureAlmond Unsweetened is an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin E and is lactose-free and dairy-free. AND, it has 50 percent more calcium than dairy milk. So there.

Both new products are examples of the innovation we pride ourselves on and are made with soybeans sourced only from North American farmers and are produced without GMO ingredients. In fact, they’ve already been certified by The Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program.