Easiest. Challenge. Ever

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve ever done? Think about it… the absolute hardest thing you’ve ever done? While rewarding and gratifying in the end, it probably  wasn’t much “fun” during that actual process, right?

Well here’s a challenge that’ll bring those same feelings of reward and gratification, only without all that miserable work. Introducing our Silk brand’s newest campaign – The Least Challenging Challenge.

It’s simple. All you have to do is replace your regular milk, with Silk, whenever you eat a bowl of cereal. That’s it. Potential benefits include fewer calories, higher calcium intake and a great taste that results in a challenge that is not even remotely challenging.

And accepting the challenge doesn’t mean you have to give up milk. All you have to do is use Silk instead of milk when you eat cereal. It’s the best of both worlds, it’s easy and it’s delicious.

So if you’re up for the “challenge”, (again, it’s not going to be much of a challenge) head on over to our Facebook page for more details, and a coupon to help get you started.

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