A win for organic consumers

The National Organic Standards Board voted today to continue to allow plant-based DHA that is not hexane extracted to be used in the production of organic foods. We applaud this decision, as Horizon has used plant-based DHA in our Horizon Organic milk with DHA Omega-3 since 2007.

This is a clear victory for the millions of consumers who have purchased our DHA Omega-3 milk products over the past four years due to the added health benefits they are thought to deliver, including support for brain, heart and eye health at every stage of life.

As a result of this decision, consumers can continue to feel good about purchasing Horizon organic milk with DHA Omega-3 because it affirms that our plant-based DHA Omega-3 is a safe and effective non-synthetic additive, as well as non-GMO and extracted without the use of hexane. Unlike DHA from fish oil, it is also free from any possible ocean-borne contaminants, does not contribute to overfishing and is vegetarian.

Consumer demand for these products has helped us grow Horizon’s network of more than 600 family farmers. In fact, we’ve been able to double the number of family farmers we work with over the past five years.

This decision paves the way for the type of future innovation in organic dairy that will help grow the category. That’s good for the organic movement, good for people and good for the planet.

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