Got DHA?

We do! And thank goodness. Here’s what we know about it:

– The form of DHA in Horizon products has been used without any safety concerns in foods in Europe since 1993 and in foods in the U.S. since 2002.

– DHA is used in nearly 100 percent of infant formulas and in 500 food and supplement products around the world.

– Regulatory agencies worldwide, including the FDA, have extensively reviewed on numerous occasions the safety of the same DHA used in Horizon products and all agree with the conclusion that these ingredients are safe for use.

– Numerous health organizations worldwide, such as the World Health Organization and American Dietetic Association, have recommend that DHA be included in infant formula, while organizations like the European Food Safety Authority and March of Dimes have set recommended intake levels of DHA for pregnant women, children and adults.

– The DHA Horizon uses in its products has been evaluated for more than 15 years in over 100 pre-clinical studies, and in over 100 human clinical studies, 31 of which involved infants. These pre-clinical and clinical studies create an impressive database that establishes the safety of DHA.

– A large and growing body of evidence demonstrates that DHA Omega-3 is important for supporting brain, heart and eye health at every stage of life. In fact, Horizon organic milk with DHA is an excellent way for families to get much-needed DHA. Many Americans, especially children, don’t get enough DHA in their diets.

– The DHA used in Horizon products neither contains nor is made with hexane, a chemical solvent sometimes used to extract oils from their original source. Horizon’s DHA is a 100% vegetarian, sustainable source of DHA made from algal oil.

– Horizon products fortified with DHA are not made or processed with genetically-modified ingredients. The use of GMO ingredients is not permitted in organics.

– And we offer a choice. Consumers can purchase Horizon Organic Milk with Omega-3 DHA… or without. Both are clearly labeled.

We are proud to offer DHA in a number of our Horizon products. We agree with what the FDA, the World Health Organization, the American Dietetic Association and the growing body of scientific evidence says about DHA – it’s safe, it’s healthy, and it’s an important nutrient.

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