Algae-Based DHA gets thumbs up from Doctors Oz and Roizen

Courtesy of the Denver Post, Doctors Oz & Roizen talk about their support for algae-based DHA supplements for kids, via their nationally syndicated Q&A column, “The You Docs”:

Q: Lately I’ve been seeing DHA supplements for kids that are supposed to support “brain health.” Do they work?— Eileen, Allentown, Pa.

A: There’s no doubt that the brain needs docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid, to develop to the max. Kids who don’t get enough fatty acids from their moms during pregnancy are at risk of low birth weight and a small head, which can affect central nervous system and cognitive ability (“smarts” to you).

So what’s the controversy about kids? Some researchers say DHA supplements contribute to a child’s smarts. Others say they don’t. Still others say they negatively affect young memories and kids’ ability to do easy tasks.

We don’t think taking DHA will hurt a child (just buy algae-based formulas, to avoid mercury and other possible toxins in fish-oil types). In fact, a supplement may be the only way to get enough DHA into many kids’ diets (especially if the only food with fins they like is Swedish fish candy). But the top ways to boost smarts are stimulating teachers, supportive parents and hard work. That’s what’ll get them into Williams or Harvard, where we went. And, yes, we were lucky enough to have parents who fed us DHA in cod-liver oil as kids and who pushed us hard to outstudy our pals.

Content courtesy of  The Denver Post 

That’s a stance we are behind 100%, and exactly why we introduced Horizon Organic’s DHA supplemented milk (algae-based DHA). Read more about our DHA products here.

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