UPDATE: Horizon Organic DHA…

UPDATE ON HORIZON ORGANIC DHA PRODUCTS: The Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Organic Program (NOP) recently confirmed via letter that the DHA Omega-3 used in a few Horizon Organic products is in fact legal, and approved under NOP guidelines. You can read the USDA’s full response here.

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  1. m cempsey says:

    are the cows grass fed.

  2. Jarod Ballentine says:

    Hey there,

    We try to get our cows out on pasture as much as possible, however sometimes due to weather conditions or the season, that’s not possible everyday of the year. Therefore some of the food the cows eat isn’t grass. It does however consist of a mixed ration that includes alfalfa, silage, cotton seed, flax and a variety of other nutrient rich crops. As you probably know, everything (pasture grass included) is organic, and regulated by the USDA National Organic Program.

    Hope that helps.


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