Silk vs. Milk

I grew up a milk drinker. And before starting at WhiteWave the thought of trying soy milk never crossed my mind. Yeah, I’ll admit it. Despite being exposed to, and responsible for helping to market our Silk brand on a daily basis, I had no real desire to try it. Like I said, I was a milk drinker.

At least until one faithful morning a few years back, when after stopping by the Wave Café to grab a bowl of cereal I found that the milk was all gone. Only thing available – Silk Vanilla Soy Milk. So I figured what the heck… I’ll try it. Now every time I eat Cheerios, I opt for the soy. It’s seriously delicious.

Now to be clear I haven’t given up on milk completely but I’ve got a good balance going between the two, and Silk’s got a new campaign to challenge you to do the same. All you need to do is take ten days, and swap your milk, for Silk.

Head on over to the website for tips on how to get started. The site offers coupons, a 10-day plan with tips and ideas to help you make the swap. And the site also includes information about the nutritional, taste and environmental benefits of using Silk’s plant-based milks.

To help you get inspired, Check out a few of the videos produced by some of our loyal Silk drinkers as part of a 10-Day Challenge contest….




Celebrating WhiteWave’s “Plant-Based” Plant: Bridgeton, N.J.

Manufacturing facilities are sometimes the unsung heroes of food companies. However, without them, we couldn’t bring consumers the safe, high quality and delicious products that they’ve come to expect from WhiteWave.

We have a tremendous group of people (nearly 1,000) at our five WhiteWave facilities, working tirelessly every day to make the WhiteWave products you love. These are world-class plants, folks—thanks to our top-notch leadership, people, and safety and quality processes.

I want to shine a spotlight on one of our plants in particular – our Bridgeton, N.J. plant. If you’re a Silk fan, Bridgeton is Mecca. It’s a Silk-only facility, making Soymilk and PureAlmond milk. Bridgeton is critical to WhiteWave’s continued growth in the area of plant-based beverages.

The whole Bridgeton plant team recently received WhiteWave’s highest honor.  You see, we launched a new internal recognition program at WhiteWave called the Wave Awards, which recognizes the WhiteWave team that has best lived the company’s values and mission and contributed to the success of the business over the past year.

Out of the nearly 70 employees and teams nominated, the first-ever Team Wave Award went to the 106 employees at Bridgeton for best exemplifying the company’s mission to be the Earth’s Favorite Food Company and for its unwavering commitment to the company’s values. The honor even got a mention in their local media!

So what did they do to win the award?

They kept sustainability goals front-and-center by greatly reducing the amount of waste produced at the plant and putting an aggressive recycling program in place:

  • They helped support one of WhiteWave’s most successful product launches by producing high quality Silk PureAlmond milk.
  • They achieved a remarkable safety milestone of one million people hours without a Lost Time Accident thanks to an employee-led approach to safety.

Part of the deal in winning this award is that WhiteWave’s senior leadership sponsors a team celebration. So Bridgeton recently threw a big party to commemorate the win. Please join me in congratulating WhiteWave’s Bridgeton team for all they do to contribute to Silk and WhiteWave’s success.

California Greenin’

The nation’s largest Natural Products Expo is set to kick things off in Anaheim tomorrow with an expected 50,000+ attendees and 2,000+ exhibiting companies.  That means over a three day period (March 11-13), there’s going to be a whole lot of people eating, drinking and collecting all the free samples and tchotchkes handed out by those 2000+ booths. And while every exhibitor probably feels like their tchotchke is worth keeping, it’s unfortunately not the case… which means there’s also going to be a whole lot of trash. But, with the help of our friends at New Hope Natural Media, we’ve got a number of green initiatives lined up to hopefully help offset all that waste, and reduce energy use as well. Check out a few of the highlights:

• Waste reduction: We’re providing reusable water bottles for retailer attendees in lieu of disposable plastic bottles, and will also sponsor water stations throughout the convention center for water bottle refills.

• Sponsoring recycling stations: Attendees will find recycling stations throughout the venue in an effort to mitigate the amount of waste produced at the show.

• Offsetting energy use: All of the energy used at the show, and at the two host hotels will be offset by the purchase of carbon credits and renewable energy certificates from Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF – we’ve mentioned them before on this blog).

There’s also going to be a good contingent of WhiteWavers in Anaheim, so if you’re planning on going to the show be sure to stop by our booth #2136. And if you’re in the mood for cake, swing by on Friday afternoon to help our Horizon brand celebrate its 20th anniversary.

If you’re not attending the show, keep an eye on our twitter feed for live updates and images from the  floor. And as always, feel free to share your own thoughts or pictures via the comments below, or on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.