Don’t drink eggnog? You’re a Grinch

I’m just saying.

Last week I went to a Christmas party, and as a hostess gift I brought along a few half-gallons of one of my favorite holiday treats – Horizon Organic Eggnog.  Have you tried this stuff before?  Cause it’s crazy-good.  I mean, it TASTES like Christmas in a carton.  Creamy, smooth, delicious and with a hint of nutmeg, cinnamon-y goodness.

So I show up at the party, sure that I’m going to be a hit when I bust out my eggnog and instead I’m met with blank stares, gag reflexes and comments like “I just can’t drink anything that has the word egg in its name.”  Several friends told me that either they don’t like eggnog (how is this even possible?) or they’ve NEVER EVEN TRIED IT.  How is it even possible to make it to your mid-30’s without having tried eggnog once?  Where were these people’s parents?  To me, this is a clear case of neglect.

I guess I always assumed eggnog was just as much a part of every other American family’s holiday traditions as it was my own.  But since friends force other friends to at least try eggnog once before they pass such hasty judgment against egg-based beverages, I poured “shots” all around.  And while I can’t say that I made any lifelong converts, I did at least succeed in getting everyone to try it and all agreed that it actually tasted good when they got over their reservations.

But don’t take my word for it.  Horizon Organic Eggnog is available through the month of December at grocery stores nationwide.  If you haven’t already, I exhort you to get in the holiday spirit and make it a part of your tradition.  You won’t regret it.

(By the way, Silk Soymilk also makes a delicious non-dairy Nog, so I want no excuses.  Just do it.)

‘Tis the (re)giving season…

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s wrong to regift… especially when it can win you $500 bucks.

Check out the contest our Silk brand is running – all you have to do is load a photo or story of the best thing you’ve ever regifted, or plan to regift and you could have 500 more reasons to be thankful this holiday season.

Hop on over to their Facebook page to enter.

Earlier this month, our Silk brand redesigned and relaunched What, you might ask, is  It’s simply what the URL implies – a site devoted to being a resource about all things related to soy and nutrition.  And while it’s sponsored by Silk, it’s not really at all about Silk and our products.  Rather, it’s meant to be a resource for health care professionals or anyone else who wants to know more about the latest in soy science and soy nutrition.

Check it out and you can get schooled on the truth and myths about soy, find the latest debrief (in terms you can actually understand) about new studies relating to soy, or ask an expert your burning question about soy.  Answers are provided by Silk’s Scientific Advisory Board and internal nutrition experts.

There’s also a health care professional resource center that includes a series of patient educational handouts on soy’s health benefits and tips on how to incorporate soy foods into a healthy diet. We like to call this kind of thing “evolving the category”, or, in layperson’s terms, giving people information that’s about more than just our brand and letting them make the right choice for their health based on science and expert opinion.

So, don’t just take it from us – see what it’s all about for yourself.