Green Garage

Arrived to work today and found our friends from Green Garage set up and ready to provide eco-tune ups for the people of WhiteWave.

Here’s how they describe themselves: “We ‘green-tune’ cars to run cleaner, greener and cheaper and all while ‘fixing’ the whole bad automotive service experience. We find proven, sustainable, energy saving automotive maintenance and repair related products. And we can keep you out of stale gas smelling waiting rooms with their bad coffee and old magazines through our convenient consumer valet and corporate mobile on site services.”

Just scheduled my oil change… Click here to learn more.

Show me the bean

On August 20th, we were asked this question:

How can I be sure that your Silk soybeans are sourced from farms in the U.S.?

We gave this answer:

Currently, you have to take our word for it. Not good enough? We absolutely agree. By the end of this year, we will provide you with complete traceability regarding the source of our soybeans. You’ll be able to take your Silk cartons, enter a number into our website and track where the beans were grown and harvested.

Now, we’re following through on that promise. Click here to trace your beans…

Rock the Pumpkin

I knew it was business as usual when one of our employees dressed up as Kiss bassist Gene Simmons.  Better yet, she wrangled three of her colleagues to dress up as the other members of the iconic 1970s band.  (What are their names again? And why I can’t I get that song out of my head? “I wanna rock an’ roll all night…and party every day.”) Just another day at WhiteWave…

This past Friday marked our annual “Rock the Pumpkin” celebration, which demonstrates what a bunch of goof balls we can all be when given the perfect excuse.

Cool thing is the day didn’t go by without a bit of compassion for our neighbors. We held a costume contest among employees to raise money for Community Food Share (CFS), which we’ve talked about here on The Grazing Mind before.  Folks here voted with their dollars for their favorite costume and surpassed our one-day fundraising goal of $1,031.10.

Employees also invited their kiddos to participate in the “munchkin parade”, which included 30+ trick-or-treat stops along a decorated parade route. Geez, we’ve got some cute kids in the WhiteWave family!

Please…join us…for a glimpse of Halloween WhiteWave style….