Waste not, want not

Yesterday, WhiteWave Foods was proud to sponsor the “2010 Green Business of the Year Award” at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Business Awards luncheon. There were three very cool finalists, each offering products for a more sustainable future or working to make Colorado greener.

However,  I was secretly rooting for Waste Farmers an organization that was founded on the belief that in nature there is no waste. Everything begins and ends with soil. To put it simply, Waste Farmers works with restaurants, hotels, schools and other organizations to take food “waste” and turn the scraps into compost, which replenishes and feeds the soil, which grows the plants and in turn makes the food we eat. A closed cycle. A restorative economy.

I was impressed by Waste Farmers and the service they provide. But I also like the story behind the company. Who doesn’t root for the guy who starts his business with $9,000, a pickup truck, and a dream that its possible to make a profit while enriching the community? I believe more businesses should be built on the idea that idealism and capitalism don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the future depends on it.

Happy Earth Day!

Food for Thought

  • Americans throw away 43,000 tons of food each day
  • 70% of world’s waste stream consists of organic material (food, paper, leaves) that could be composted

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